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Rouge the Bat




MUGENHunter's Version
Mugenfan's Version
Latroy6's Version
Kadydja's Version
ABAB's version


Sonic The Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat is a bat that works for the miltitary, G.U.N., along with Shadow the Hedgehog. She debuted in Sonic Adventure 2.

In M.U.G.E.N, Rouge the Bat has been made five times by Kadydja, MUGENHunter, Latroy6, Mugenfan and ABAB.

MUGEN Hunter's version Edit

New Rouge

MUGEN Hunter has made Rouge twice for Freedom Fighters and Freedom Fighters 2 +. Her moveset is heavily inspired by Morrigan, and carries heart projectiles, upward wing attacks, and a flying kick combo. Most of her moves can be used in the air as well as the ground. She has six buttons, including 5 attack buttons and a dodge button. Like her moveset, she uses Morrigans voice.

Palette Gallery Edit

The "RogueMHTurbo" palette is repeated for the other six palettes.

Mugenfan's Version Edit


Mugenfan's version is a spriteswap of Kitty Katswell, much like his Jenny XJ9 character. This character, like all of Mugenfan's other characters, is of a poor quality.

Kadydja's VersionEdit


Kadydja has also made a Rouge the bat, but used sprites based on Sonic Battle.


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