Rotom Pokkén
Artwork of normal Rotom from Pokkén Tournament



Oldest version

GarchompMatt's version (2011)

Newest version

KEKUWEKKA's version (2013)



Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series that also makes an appearance as a support character in the 3D fighting game, Pokkén Tournament. Although not being able to evolve, Rotom can change its forme and typing by inhabiting certain appliances such as a washing machine, a microwave oven, a lawnmower, a refrigerator, or a motorized fan; in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Rotom is able to possess the player's Pokédex to become the aptly-named Rotom Pokédex. It appears at #152 in the Sinnoh Pokédex and #479 in the National Pokédex.

Rotom has the unique ability to enter and possess appliances and any other electrical equipment, mainly to pull practical jokes on unsuspecting people and Pokémon for its own amusement. By possessing certain appliances, Rotom becomes more powerful and gains a move which it wouldn't normally learn, but becomes slower; for example, if Rotom was to possess a washing machine, it would gain the move Hydro Pump.

In M.U.G.E.N, Rotom has been made by GarchompMatt and KEKUWEKKA. GarchompMatt's Rotom attacks by morphing its surrounding plasma into different weapons, such as a lance or a wrecking ball and firing various projectiles that relate to moves it can learn in the Pokémon games, whereas KEKUWEKKA's version attacks the opponent with the spherical appendages it has and does not reference the games in its moveset. Both versions use custom sprites.

GarchompMatt's version


A strange character that has no defined play style and only realistically makes use of three buttons, using a fourth solely to scream really loudly. Rotom has custom sprites and a moveset inspired by moves that it can learn in the source games, but when combining its small size and agility with the effectiveness of its projectiles, it's one mischievous little sprite that'll get on your nerves.


KEKUWEKKA's version


Contrasting Rotom's usual mischievous nature and wide grin, this is certainly not the happiest of characters, pulling a very prominent and never-changing dissatisfied expression. Despite making use of all six buttons, its moveset isn't particularly diverse and leaves little in the way of combos, though its A.I. manages to find a way to be exceedingly cheap, even if it takes a round to do so.


See also

  • Omegarotom - An overpowered variation of Rotom created by KEKUWEKKA
  • Pulseman - A character said to be the inspiration behind Rotom
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