Robert Garcia
Artwork from The King of Fighters XIII




Scal's version (KOF98)
Ikaruga's version (KOF2002UM)
Ikaruga's version (KOF98)
MDK's version (KOFXI)
Kashif Bhatti's version (KOFXIII)
Jin's version (NGBC)


Art of Fighting

Robert Garcia is one of the main characters from the Art of Fighting series, and a regular in The King of Fighters. Born on the rich Garcia family and heir to their Garcia Foundation, Robert prefers to spend his time looking for some action. He soon became aquainted with the Sakazakis, becoming a disciple of Takuma Sakazaki, a close friend and rival of Ryo Sakazaki, and the boyfriend of Yuri Sakazaki. When Yuri is kidnapped by Mr. Big, Robert and Ryo go on a journey through Southtown to find her.

In MUGEN, Robert Garcia has been made by various authors.

DeSouza's version


Despite its early release, this version of Robert seems to be a pretty decent conversion from Art of Fighting 3, encapsulating both the gameplay and the smooth animations. However, it doesn't have all of its moves from said game, lacking the desperation move.


Fred's version


This version is an attempt to make Robert Garcia accurate to Art Of Fighting 1. The character plays similarly, but with a few oddities.


Duende Macabro's version


At heart, Duende Macabro's version of Robert is based off of The King of Fighters '96, but it seems to have many different mechanics. There seems to be a bit of The King of Fighters XI in this character, as it also has dream cancels and effects from that game. It also seems to have a wider pool of Desperation Moves.


Ironmugen's second version


A custom take on Robert Garcia's appearance in The King of Fighters '95. It may have the same moveset, but it has many mechanics from later games in the series, with the source game's mechanics working quite differently. There is evidence of the character being a dropped project, as it was released among many other characters in a pack four years after its conception.


Sekirei's version


Sekirei's conversions of the cast of the earliest The King of Fighters games are considered to be the most accurate to date, and his Robert is no exception, as the POW meter and dodge work the same as the source game. The creator also added in a stun bar, which Robert can use to put its opponents at a disadvantage.


DivineWolf & DGO's version


With custom Capcom vs. SNK styled sprites created by DGO and custom gameplay coded by DivineWolf, this is one version of Robert Garcia that will stand out from the rest. It also seems to be extremely well made, to the point where it snagged MFG's Fighter of the Month award in the March of 2015.

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