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RoySquadRocks' version (2015)

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RoySquadRocks' version (2015)



Ristar is the main protagonist of the Sega Genesis video game of the same name, with the appearance of an anthropomorphic cartoon star.

The story of the game differs between the Japanese and English versions. In the Japanese version, Ristar is awakened by his mother, Oruto, and must grant the wishes of the innocent people and stop Kaiser Greedy, the antagonist of the game. In the English version, Ristar must resuce his father, the Legendary Hero, from Greedy. Ristar's main ability is to stretch out his arms to defeat enemies or grab poles and swing from one side to another.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ristar has been made by RoySquadRocks.

RoySquadRocks' versionSeizureicon


Ristar reaches for the stars in M.U.G.E.N, with a six-button layout, decent comboability, six Specials and three Hypers. While he does lack features present in some of RoySquadRocks' other characters, like a level 3 Hyper, EX Moves or a Super Jump, he does have three different A.I. settings and flashy effects.


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