The ReversalDef state controller defines a reversal or counterattack in M.U.G.E.N.

Required parameters

  • reversal.attr = attr_string
attr_string specifies the list of attack attributes that can be reversed by this ReversalDef. It follows the following syntax:
X, YZ [, YZ]
X can be any combination of the values of S (standing), C (crouching), and/or A (aerial)
Y can be any value of N (Normal), S (Special), H (Hyper), or A (all)
Z can be any value of A (physical attacks), P (projectiles), or T (throws)

For instance, reversal.attr = SA,NA,SP means stand+air, normal attacks, special projectiles.

It should be noted that reversal.attr = SCA,AA,AP,AT is functionally equivalent to reversal.attr = SCA,NA,SA,HA,NP,SP,HP,NT,ST,HT, which means that this ReversalDef will activate against everything.

Optional parameters

  • None


In addition to all required and optional parameters, ReversalDef also accepts the HitDef state controller's pausetime, sparkno, sparkxy, hitsound, p1stateno, and p2stateno parameters. It should be noted that if the sparkxy parameter is used, it will be treated as an offset to the sparkxy parameter defined in P2's Hitdef.


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