Gill using Resurrection

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Player gets knocked out with a full Power bar

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Street Fighter

Resurrection is a super move that originally appeared in Street Fighter III as the signature move of Gill.

Resurrection is unique among super moves as it is passive, and requires no input from the player to perform. When Gill is KO'ed by any attack while having a full super meter, Gill will rise off the ground while pushing the player away from him, regaining his health until he reaches a full life bar or until he is interrupted by an attack. As a tradeoff, Gill's super meter will be locked at 0 and will be unable to resurrect again, nor will he be able to perform supers or EX specials for the remainder of the round.

The move also appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as Phoenix's level 5 hyper combo, Dark Phoenix. It works similar to Gill's version, except the life regeneration cannot be interrupted, has no pushback effect, and Phoenix will gain the ability to fire extra projectiles with her normal moves and her life bar will slowly drain health over time after resurrecting. She will also be able to gain meter and use hypers unlike Gill, but this move can still only be used once per match.

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