A reset is a technique found in most fighting games, and is frequently employed at higher-level tournament play. Resets take advantage of game mechanics to put an opponent back into a standing state, rather than allowing them to be knocked down; this may involve dropping a combo prematurely, and is frequently done by utilizing a property of most grounded Normal attacks to make an airborne opponent land on their feet on hit. This allows the player to start a new combo.

The most significant advantage of a reset is that, because it forces the opponent back into a neutral state right away, it will "reset" the game's damage scaling and juggle checks; due to this, performing a reset often results in much higher total damage outputs than continuing a combo normally, and the reaction time window for the opponent is usually small enough for a player to easily take advantage of. In the event that an opponent reacts fast enough to a reset, mix-ups may be employed to confuse the opponent and force them to guess the proper way to react, punishing them severely if they guess wrong.

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