Renda Bonus is a mechanic that originates from Darkstalkers 3.

In most fighting games, certain light Normals can be chained into themselves, while in Darkstalkers 3, characters that have self-chaining light normals with the Renda Bonus property will gain an additional frame advantage on these Normals when cancelled into themselves, usually an additional +3, but varies by move and by character; this essentially makes the attacks not only safer to use when cancelled from itself, but also allows for combos and links not normally possible by using the move only once.

In M.U.G.E.N, the Renda Bonus mechanic can be emulated by altering the ground.hittime, ground.slidetime, guard.hittime, guard.slidetime and air.hittime parameters of the HitDef state controller, usually in conjunction with the PrevStateno trigger.

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