Iori Yagami's 147 Shiki: Aoi Hana, a Rekka Attack.

Original command input

QCF Button-xyz

First user

Fei Long


Street Fighter

Rekkaken (烈火拳, "Raging Fire Fist") is Fei Long's signature special attack, first appearing in Street Fighter II.

Executed by performing QCF Button-xyz (or QCF Button-xyz2 for the EX version), Fei Long strikes the opponent with his fist. What makes this attack unique from other special moves is that it can be cancelled into itself up to two times for a maximum of 3 hits, with the last hit knocking the opponent down regardless of which version is used. The normal versions cannot cancel into the EX version, nor can the EX version be cancelled into the normal versions. Together, this gives the Rekkaken a whopping 42 possible versions, as opposed to the usual 3 or 4 versions most special attacks have.

The term Rekka Attack, derived from Rekkaken's name, refers to any special move that behaves in a similar fashion, executed using up to three QCF Button-xyz inputs in a row.

Single and Multi-chain Rekka Attacks

Fei Long's Rekkaken only has one command that needs to be input three times to complete the move, and as such it can be considered an example of a single chain rekka attack. These attacks often need a single sequence of commands to be input for the move to be completed.

However, for some characters, their Rekka attacks are a lot more complicated. They often start with a single starter move, then branch out into multiple sets of linking and finisher moves. Often, the options for the last move in the rekka chain include one that is an overhead and one that must be blocked low, making for a nasty mixup. These characters can be said to have a multi-chain rekka attack.

Characters with Rekka Attacks

  • Aaron Roulette
  • Fei Long (Single-Chain)
  • Gai Tendo (Multi-Chain)
  • Khriz (Single-Chain)
  • Kyo-2 (Multi-Chain)
  • Kyo Kusanagi (Multi-Chain)

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