Eri Hasumi using a Reflect

Reflect is a defensive gameplay mechanic that was introduced in Vanguard Princess. A Reflect may also refer to projectile reflection.

Reflects in Vanguard Princess

A Reflect is executed by pressing E in the original game to block an attack during the moment where Reflect is active when the attack hits. Reflect has two distinct advantages over blocking an attack normally:

  • The player can counterattack immediately.
  • The power bar increases.

Reflect is also usable when crouching and in the air, but does not work against throws or projectiles.

Projectile Reflection


Projectile Reflection

Flamme having used Dark Counter Shell to reflect Iori's projectile

A Reflect may also refer to a mechanic or technique that reflects a projectile, turning it against its owner or otherwise redirecting it away from the player. Athena Asamiya's Psycho Barrier, Rugal and Adelheid Bernstein's Dark Barrier, Fox McCloud's Reflector and Kula Diamond and her edits's Counter Shell are all capable of this type of reflect.

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