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This article is about the character from Super Sentai Zyuranger and its American counterpart Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For other characters also named Red, see Red (disambiguation).

Red Ranger
Red Ranger Arms Folded
The Original Red Ranger


Gary Fisher
Alexei Roschak

Oldest version

Gary Fisher's version

Newest version

Alexei Roschak's version (2015)


Power Rangers

Red Ranger is a character from the live-action TV series, Power Rangers. He/she is generally the leader of every team of Power Rangers, in this case, the original Power Rangers.

The Red Ranger of the original series is the one who destroyed the sword of darkness that controlled the seemingly evil Green Ranger. Once destroyed, not only did it make Green much weaker, but he also joined the team until his powers depleted.

In M.U.G.E.N, Red Ranger was made by Gary Fisher and Alexei Roschak.

Alexei Roschak's version


Planned out with the help of Omega, this close combat ranger fights with an emphasis on juggling and launchers. Be sure to keep this fighter away from you with projectiles and Push Blocks. Lord Zedd and his minions hide when this ranger drops its somewhat out-of-character lightning.

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