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Red Bird
Artwork from Angry Birds Toons



Oldest version

Tanicfan22's first version (2012)

Newest version

Dronekiller's version (2016)


Angry Birds

The Red Bird (referred to as Red in the Angry Birds Toons and more recent games) is the main protagonist of the Angry Birds series and the leader of the Flock.

The Red Bird has appeared in every Angry Birds game to date and is considered the mascot of the series. Red's personality is responsible and eager and is willing to give up his life to protect the eggs of the Flock, like the other members of the Flock. Red is very ill-tempered and will easily get mad over the slightest of things. He used to have no special ability, but in the episode Red's Mighty Feathers in Angry Birds, he's able to home into a target by tapping the screen, and in Angry Birds 2, he gained the ability to yell and topple over nearby structures.

In M.U.G.E.N, Red Bird has been made by Tanicfan22 twice and by Dronekiller.

Tanicfan22's first version


With only 2 attacks for each state type, no Specials or Hypers and only 15 sprites, it's clear that the creator barely spent any effort creating this character. His attacks have a very short range, making this character very hard to use.


Tanicfan22's second version


An update of Tanicfan22's first version. While his second version of Red Bird does have more sprites and a Special and Hyper added, he still leaves a lot to be desired, still having an incredibily small moveset. His Special and Hyper are attributed as Normals and his only Hyper doesn't cost any Power due to an oversight.


Dronekiller's version


This version of Red Bird features a four-button layout and mechanics from Marvel vs. Capcom. He has many Specials and Hypers and a tough A.I., though he may still be hard to get used to because of the way his attacks work.

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