Artwork from Rayman Legends



Oldest version

Cyanide's version (2002)

Newest version

Ali's version (2016)



Rayman is the protagonist of the video game series of the same name. He made his debut in the first Rayman game, published by Ubisoft in 1995.

Rayman has no limbs or neck and his hands, feet and head float separately from his body. His hair can spin around rapidly and function as a helicopter. During the events of the first game, which takes place in the Glade of Dreams, the evil Mr. Dark steals a mystical pink orb, known as the Great Protoon and defeats its guardian, Betilla the Fairy. The inhabitants of the Glade of Dreams, known as the Electoons, are captured in cages and monsters start to appear in the Glade of Dreams. The Magician turns to Rayman and asks him to free the Electoons and defeat Mr. Dark.

In M.U.G.E.N, Rayman has been made by Cyanide and Ali.

Cyanide's version


A very old character, dating back to 2002. The sprites are taken from Rayman Advance. Notably, this version of Rayman is able to summon Mozzy. However, he has a lot of infinites, allowing him to K.O. an opponent in seconds with little effort. He has a very bare-bones moveset, with no crouching attacks, only one Special and no Hypers.


Ali's version


A more recent version of Rayman. However, that doesn't say much, as he has several flaws in his moveset that make him incredibily overpowered, including Hypers that deal ridiculous damage, of which one of them costs only 500 Power, and an infinite which is ironically the same as the infinites in Cyanide's version.