Rainbow Route
Kirby is ambushed by Dark Meta Knight on Mirror Chamber




Gudine's Chamber

Rainbow Route is the first area in the Game Boy Advance game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. The location is a simple forest level similar to many other starting levels in the Kirby series, and houses a warp zone of sorts, known by fans as Central Circle, that contains mirrors that warp the player to different places of the Mirror World, though the player needs to press switches scattered across the world in order to unlock these mirrors. Rainbow Route is connected directly to four other areas of the Mirror World, these being Moonlight Mansion, Cabbage Cavern, Mustard Mountain and Carrot Castle.

In M.U.G.E.N, Rainbow Route has been made by Gudine under the name of "Mirror Chamber"; it is based on its Super Smash Flash 2 appearance which, in turn, is based on the Central Circle area.

Gudine's version

Mirror Chamber
A remix of 'Rainbow Route' from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror that appears in Super Smash Flash 2





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This version uses sprites from Super Smash Flash 2, though while it is indirectly based on its original appearance from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, there are a few differences such as a different arrangement of the platforms (and by extension, the mirror portals) and a significant reduction in the number of mirror portals, with there only being 5 mirror portals visible on the stage. The doors that cover the mirror portals periodically open and close of their own accord, with a shiny gleam effect emanating from the mirror portal each time a door opens; at the top of the stage in the very center is the Dimension Mirror, which periodically opens and closes like the other mirrors below it, while also slowly moving up and down. The stage only works in 1.1 due to using sprites that take advantage of M.U.G.E.N 1.1's allowance for 32-bit colour and a small amount sprite angling for the left and right background pillars.


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