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Rainbow Dash
Artwork from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic




ButthenIdied's version
RockRage8962's edit
GGY65000's version
Pingurules' edit
PabloSSB's version
HedgehogMac's version
RockRage8962's and IDGCaptainRussia's version


My Little Pony

Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus and one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is responsible for maintaining the weather and clearing the skies in Ponyville. As a huge fan of The Wonderbolts, she dreams of one day joining their elite flying group. Rainbow Dash has a pet tortoise named Tank. She represents the Element of Loyalty.

In M.U.G.E.N, several creators have made Rainbow Dash all varying in terms of quality and gameplay. A cheap edit of her, IDGCaptainRussia's Chromo Dash also exists.

Buttthenidied's version


The first version of Rainbow Dash created and the first My little Pony character to appear in M.U.G.E.N. Her sprites are screenshots taken from Pony Creator, but edited to fit whatever action the character is doing such as walking backwards, jumping, crouching, etc. This creation has become infamous in the community due to its incomplete nature, relatively broken quality and poorly ripped sprites. It is considered to be of a relatively poor quality and is said to be the worst version available for the engine. It also strangely has Homer as her win portrait.

RockRage8692's edits

The YouTuber RockRage8962 made edits to Butthenidied's version including new palettes, sprites for missing animations, added missing CLSN-boxes, a new portrait image, cleaned up the sprites, and fixed her broken intro. While these edits fix a few of the problems of the original it still has flaws that weren't ironed out. RockRage8962 announced back in 2012 that he stopped working on this version in favor of his own version that he created with his friend IDGCaptainRussia which was built off of this version.

Pingurules' edit

Pingurules edited an early beta of RockRage8962's edits of Butthenidied's Rainbow Dash. She has 3 new hypers added in, as well as modifying a few of her moves. While it's better then the first version of Rainbow Dash it is still far from perfect. This is a joke edit to test a portion of the My Little Pony fanbase on their reactions. It is offline.

RockRage8962's and IDGCaptainRussia's version

Rainbow dash battle idle by urimas-d4bh75s

RockRage8962 created his own version of Rainbow Dash along with his friend IDGCaptainRussia, which was built off of, and designed to be better than Butthenidied's version. IDGCaptainRussia did most of the coding and came up with most of the ideas for her move set. This version uses sprites from the defunct mmorpg mlp online (made by urimas on deviantart). This version has been accepted the best out of all the other versions of Rainbow Dash available for the engine, although it still has a few issues that need to be fixed including, but not limited to; Debug Flood, move balancing and AI tweaking. This Rainbow Dash has a Brutal AI setting and as such, has been labeled as being a cheap character by some people, due to the AI spamming certain moves at times. This version is loosely based on Marvel vs. Capcom with other fighting game elements thrown in, making her somewhat of a hybrid character with a custom play style.

  • It should be noted that certain special effects might cause the engine to lag due to her .sff file being over 60MB.

RockRage8962's Fighting is Magic version

RockRage8962 announced that, along with his Fighting is Magic styled Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy characters, he will be creating a Fighting is Magic styled Rainbow Dash character that uses sprites from a fan made continuation of Fighting is Magic.

SoGGy's version

A Youtuber called SoGGy made an anthropmorphic version of Rainbow Dash using custom sprites and new moves. It is unknown if SoGGy is still working on his version of Rainbow Dash as no new content has been mentioned as of 2012 when the last update was released.

PabloSSB's version

PabloSSB is also working on a Rainbow Dash character using custom sprites based on the ones seen in the now shut down Fighting is Magic and original coding. He has released a beta version, but it is an unfinished Kung Fu Man edit with some MvC and CvS elements thrown in.

Captain Russia's edit

The YouTuber IDGCaptainRussia made an edit of RockRage8692's edit's of Butthenidied's Rainbow Dash called Chromo Dash (also called Rainbow Dash XL and RDXL), it was intended to be better than the original version by Butthenidied, but ended up being a cheap character due to several invincibility frames. Like many of Captain Russia's characters it is only a W.I.P. and has not been released yet. It was also the first character to use Captain Russia's new AI method that he uses in his newer characters, like RockRage's Rainbow Dash.

HedgehogMac's version

The YouTuber HedgehogMac made a Rainbow dash that was edited from Guile, it's sprites are adapted from RockRage8962's Edit to Butthenidied's version and the 'Fighting is Magic' Rainbow Dash videos.

He has since updated Rainbow Dash with it now being at version 0.8 with a new hyper move, some new sprites to replace some of the Pony Maker ones, and a win screen, though the text in her winquotes are in Spanish.


  • Buttthenidied's Version was commonly used as a base for other MLP characters, even RockRage8962's and IDGCaptainRussia's Version was edited from Buttthenidied's Version.
  • PabloSSB's Rainbow Dash has a special intro and win pose against RockRage8962's characters and Butthenidied's characters and a win pose against a few Mario and Luigi characters, but due to the incomplete nature of this version the special win poses don't trigger.
  • Butthenidied's and SoGGy's Rainbow Dash's have cameos in RockRage8962's Rainbow Dash. Butthenidied's Rainbow Dash is seen standing ready to battle when RockRage8962's version comes from behind and bucks her out of the battle. SoGGy's version is seen standing when she says "It needs to be about 20% cooler" and a mushroom from Super Mario Bros. falls from above and causes SoGGy's version to grow into RockRage8962's version.
  • Rainbow Dash's Human form from Equestria Girls has a cameo in one of RockRage8962 and Captain Russia's Rainbow Dash's win poses where Rainbow Dash stares into the background and a pedestal falls to the ground followed by a statue of Human Rainbow Dash that lands on top of the pedestal. It also appears as Midnight Bliss compatibility in this version.
  • ABOSULTE-Yveltal's Killer Lucario has an intro with Omega Tom Hanks killing Buttthenidied's Rainbow Dash.


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