Rachel Clownish Calendula
Rachel Alucard watching players in centre of stage









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Rachel Clownish Calendula is a custom stage created by Darek which is based off Blazblue character, Rachel Alucard, when she performs her Astral Heat.

The stage itself is an altered version of a place you teleport to when you perform Rachel Alucard Astral Heat move. The players start on the Halloween Stage where everything looks the same as on the original stage. However shortly after the round starts, an earthquake starts shaking all the buildings as a red transparent picture of Rachel appers in the centre of the stage and two wirrling aura's are shown on each side with her crest symbol shown in the middle. As this happens, a metal fence appers at the front of the stage which slowly rises as the sky and moon disapper to a thunder storm.

After a period of time has passed, all the buildings will drop down into the ground causing a thick brown fog to appear as more metal fencing similar to the ones at the front now come out of the ground behind the player. Then the screen will black out as we see a larger version of her crest symbol As this happens, the ground starts to shake again before the transparent Rachel disappers as well as the two wirring aruas.

After another period of time has passed, the main part of the stage which is a giant cross covered in red roses will rise out of the ground. Then shortly after, Rachel's crest symbol will apper as Rachel herself will appear in front of the giant cross causing some lights from underneath her to appear. When Rachel appears, she will stand for awhile before performing her Astral Heat move which causes a giant version of her crest to appear as well as the stage to start raining in red rose pedeals. When Rachel finishes her Astral Heat, she will sit down on her servent Nago who transforms himself in to a chair as she and her other servent Gil watches the rest of the battle.

Unlike the original stage from the game, all elements of the original 3D scene have been adapted all the elements and animations to 2D.

Background music

This music used is the song Queen of Rose (know also as Shinku no Boukansha) from the original BlazBlue game.

Shinku no Boukansha


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  • For M.U.G.E.N 1.0, he is advisable to edit the zoffset to 260 from her DEF file.