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Quick Stand

Weiss recovers from Mario's Tornado Spin instead of falling down

A Quick Stand, also known as a Quick Rise, Recovery, or a Technical (Shortened to "Tech" sometimes, not to be confused with a Throw Tech) is the ability of a character to quickly stand back up after being hit by an attack that causes Knockdown. It is a staple mechanic of the Street Fighter series, as well as many other fighting games. It is similar to, but should not be confused with, a Safe Fall.

A Quick Stand can be performed by pressing Button-D or any two attack buttons (depending on the game system used, some characters use just one button) just as the character is about to hit the floor from an attack that causes Knockdown. A character will not be able to perform a Quick Stand if hit by an attack that causes a Hard Knockdown, also known as an Untechable Knockdown.