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Artwork from


KillaCroc, BlackJack & SS5ACE174
KillaCroc & ZVitor

Oldest version

KillaCroc, BlackJack & SS5ACE174's version

Newest version

KillaCroc & ZVitor's version (2012)



Pyro is an X-Men villain with the ability to manipulate fire as his name implies. He first appeared in the Marvel comic Uncanny X-Men #141 in 1981. Pyro has only appeared in two fighting games, X-Men: Next Dimension and X-Men:Mutant Academy, neither of which feature sprites like that of those commonly found in Mugen.

In M.U.G.E.N, he has two versions: One by Killa Croc, BlackJack & SS5ACE174 and one by ZVitor & KillaCroc.

KillaCroc, Blackjack & SS5ACE174's version


It may bare more than a striking resemblance to Captain Commando, but it isn't a spriteswap. However, battles against it A.I will resemble an incredible pyrotechnics show.


KillaCroc & ZVitor's version


Built off a heavily modified version of Scruffydragon's DC vs. Marvel template, this version is also a Captain Commando sprite edit, but is much more polished, whether it be in terms of the animations, sprites or gameplay.


See also

  • Captain Commando - A character that bares a resemblance and shares the ability shoot flames
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