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  • NyanKiryu's version
  • Ryo2005's version
  • Villain's version

Pupa Salgueiro
Artwork from Rage of the Dragons



Oldest version

NyanKiryu's version (2006)

Newest version

Jango's version (2015)


SNK: Rage of the Dragons

Pupa Salgueiro is a character who make a appearance in SNK: Rage of the Dragons.

Pupa has a Brazilian background. She uses a modified version of Capoeira for a fighting style, and her personality and fighting style are similar to Elena, a Street Fighter character. She is cheerful, and is always seen with a smile.

In M.U.G.E.N, Pupa has been made by various creators; all versions use sprites ripped directly from SNK: Rage of the Dragons.

Jango's version

Pupa stance

This version has sprites ripped from SNK: Rage of the Dragons, and has a few bugs. It is pretty source accurate, having most of its moves. This version is a striker utilizing character. It also has above-average A.I. not easily beat by novices.


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