PCEA Squirtle

The first character created by someone other than Ryon or Alexei, Squirtle was made by chuchoryu. Despite saying they wouldn't include characters that are clones of one another, Squirtle was added alongside Meowth in an update to Beta Version 2.0. As a clone of Blastoise, Squirtle is near-identical to said character in every way, though has slightly lower stats. As Squirtle has no defined typing, it has no resistances nor weaknesses, though is able to tackle Fire-, Ground- and Rock-type Pokémon with its Water-type moves.


  • Life: 362
  • Attack: 291
  • Defence: 328


PCEA Squirtle Movelist

Skull Bash

PCEA Squirtle SkullBash

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Normal 100 Medium Yes


PCEA Squirtle Bubble

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Water 98 Medium No

Hydro Pump

PCEA Squirtle HydroPump

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Water 150 Slow No


PCEA Squirtle Protect

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Normal N/A Fast No

Palette Gallery

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