Princess Zelda
Zelda SSBU
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Oldest version

S.Nara's version (2008)

Newest version

YochiThMaster333's version (2015)


The Legend of Zelda

Princess Zelda is the name given to the title characters from The Legend of Zelda and subsequent games in the series. While their roles in each game differ greatly, they are most often the princesses of Hyrule, as their names suggest.

The original Princess Zelda is the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylia, who became a mortal by her own choice after hiding the Triforce from the hands of evil. She would later become the ancestor of the Royal Family of Hyrule, which would begin a tradition of naming all female princesses "Zelda" in her honor. Due to this, all incarnations of Zelda in the series are the descendants of the original Zelda, most of them inheriting part of her powers. Each Zelda is commonly depicted as the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, after the original Triforce split into three. Each incarnation of Zelda possesses various magical powers, which vary from game to game. They often play the Damsel in distress role, getting kidnapped by Ganondorf several times.

In M.U.G.E.N, Zelda has been made four times, by S.Nara, Smeagol14, Alerkina4, and YochiThMaster333. S.Nara, Alerkina4, and YochiThMaster333's versions are based off her Super Smash Bros appearances, but play differently, while Smeagol14's version is based off Zelda: Wand of Gamelon.

S.Nara's version


Using sprites edited from offical Super Smash Bros Brawl artwork, this version of the Hyilian princess is filled to the brim with various infinites and other bugs, demoting it to a character that exists for unintentional humor in one's roster.


Smeagol14's version


This version does an unintentionally decent job of replicating the experience of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, due to the sprites and sounds being ripped from said game. Unfortunately, in terms of gameplay, Zelda has little going for it, but has no real problems.


Alerkina4's version


As per most Alerkina4 creations, this version of Zelda is a spriteswap. In this case, it fights like a certain plush bear. Many sprites are left unchanged to back this up. As a result, Zelda feels out of character, especially considering the two obligatory strikers backing it up.


YochiThMaster333's version


Using the same spritesheet as Alerkina4's version, Yochi's take on Hyrule's ubiquitous princess doesn't have too much to work with in terms of moves. The character does have a Link striker and two Hypers, one with the capacity to instantly K.O any opponent, regardless of whether the move was blocked or not.

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