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Portgas D. Ace
Ace Pirate Warriors
Artwork from J-Stars Victory Vs


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One Piece

Portgas D. Ace is a recurring and popular character in the anime/manga series One Piece. The most complete version of him is available in the game One Piece: Grand Line Bout, and this version is not available to the public along with the rest of the characters from that game. As one of the more completed characters in the game, along with Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Sanji, Ace is one of the more popular characters in the game, in addition to his immense popularity within the series itself.

Character BackgroundEdit

Up until recently, Ace's past was a mystery. We knew he left Fuusha Island three years before Luffy, that he was Luffy's brother, that he ate the Mera Mera no Mi (a logia Devil Fruit that allows the user to become and create fire) at some point while he was out at sea, and that he became one of the division commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates. However, the series recently turned most of what we know about Ace on its head.

For starters, Ace is not Luffy's brother by blood; they were raised as brothers, but Luffy's father was the revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon, while Ace's father was the Pirate King Gol D. Roger. Before he was to be executed, Roger made a request to his arch-rival and friend Monkey D. Garp that he would make sure that Roger's son would stay safe. Ace's mother died giving birth to him, which made Ace grateful enough to take her name over his father's. At the age of seventeen, Ace set out to become the King of the Pirates, forming his own crew, the Spade Pirates. However, after a battle with the Shichibukai Jinbei, the crew encountered Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, who easily defeated them all and integrated them into his crew. Given how he treats his crew like family, most of the Spade Pirates were happy to accept this. The only one who wasn't was Ace himself, who tried well over a hundred times to try and kill Whitebeard. Given Whitebeard's decades of experience, all these attempts met with failure. However, once Ace got a good look at how close the crew was, and how much Whitebeard cared for them, he became one of its most loyal members.

When Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, killed a crewmember for a Devil Fruit and fled, Ace felt it was his responsibility to hunt him down. Blackbeard had been under his command, and the crewmember was a division captain. Killing any crewmember was an unpardonable crime in the eyes of Whitebeard's crew, so Whitebeard allowed him to go. While searching for Blackbeard, Ace met up with his younger brother Monkey D. Luffy again. Eventually, he found Blackbeard, who revealed that the Devil Fruit he had stolen was the Yami Yami no Mi, which gave him the ability to create black holes and negate Devil Fruit powers via touch. With his newfound abilities, Blackbeard defeated Ace and turned him in to the World Government for a position as one of the Shichibukai, which had an opening thanks to the defeat and arrest of Crocodile. Ace was sent to Impel Down, and despite Luffy's best efforts at trying to save him, he was taken to the Marine Headquarters to be executed. Luffy swore to save him no matter what, following him there as well. Thanks to the timely intervention of the Whitebeard Pirates, Luffy was able to free Ace, and the two are attempting to flee the island with the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates and the prisoners that Luffy set free to assist in his escape, among whom included Buggy the Clown, Crocodile, Mr. 1, and Mr. 3.


  • A: orange hat with blue badges on it, dark blue pants, blue knife holster (his normal outfit)
  • B: dark blue hat with red badges on it, dark blue pants, red knife holster
  • C: gray hat with blue badges on it, dark blue pants, blue knife holster
  • X: black hat with red badges on it, black pants, red knife holster
  • Y: blue hat with blue badges on it, dark blue pants, blue knife holster
  • Z: red hat with red badges on it, black pants, red knife holster
  • Enter + A: dark blue hat with red badges on it, dark blue pants, red knife holster (his fire attacks are blue)

Standing MovesEdit

  • A: Fire Fist (small)
  • B: punch - if the punch connects, Ace's hand explodes, doing more damage and sending the opponent flying
  • C: rapid flaming punch
  • X: high stab
    • X twice: middle stab
      • X three times: low stab
  • Y: punch
    • Y twice: flaming punch
      • Y three times: flaming kick

Mid-Air MovesEdit

  • A: flaming kick
  • B: Shinka Shiranui - Ace throws a flaming lance at the opponent
  • X: knife swing
  • Y: flaming dash - fire covers Ace's lower half as he rockets himself downwards, landing in an explosion

Crouching MovesEdit

  • A: Fire Pillar - punching the ground, flames shoot upwards, surrounding Ace and hitting those above him
  • B: Fire Bullet - Ace shoots out a projectile of fire from his fingers
  • X: Flame Lump - Ace raises a small amount of fire around him to hit enemies nearby
  • Y: fire uppercut


  • down, forward, Z: Fire Fist (large) [2000 Power] - dashing forward, Ace headbutts the opponent, punches them multiple times while on fire, and finishes off with his signature move, which sends the opponent flying
  • down, down, Z: Striker [3000 Power] - Ace summons his boat and drives it into the opponent. On impact, he jumps off and shoots a massive fireball to incinerate his enemies
  • down + Z (simultaneously): Higan [500 Power per shot] - Ace shoots flaming bullets from both of his fingers. If the button is held down, he will continue to shoot until his special bar runs out
  • back, down, Z: Daienkai [2500 Power] - Ace gathers a great amount of flames at his location, which expand to hit his opponents
  • forward, down, Z: Hotarubi Hidaruma [1500 Power] - Ace creates several small fireballs and sends them to home in on the opponent
  • C + Z (simultaneously): Logia Guard - Ace turns into fire, damaging any opponents who attack him. Drains special
  • down, forward, down, back, Z: Entei [3000 Power] - gathering flames around him, Ace summons a massive fireball which, under normal circumstances, dwarfs most towns. He throws the fireball at his opponent, a move which is unavoidable for most characters

Public OpinionsEdit

One of the more powerful characters in the game in terms of offense, Ace is a popular choice for beginners. A major flaw is his lack of intangibility in comparison to other logia Devil Fruit users (Smoker, Crocodile), as his logia guard acts as a counter attack rather than allowing his opponents to pass through him. As well, there have been many complaints in regards to the difficulty of using his most powerful special, but given the amount of damage it does (taking away half of an opponent's health in a single blow while it is near-impossible to dodge), the difficulty of using the move is justified. Although not as good as his brother's, Ace's range is still above average, and his speed is also slightly above the norm. As expected for one of the more powerful characters in the series and one of the more completed characters in the game, Ace is a very popular character to use in One Piece: Grand Line Bout.

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