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Totototo's version (2017)


Pop Team Epic

Popuko is one of the two main characters from Pop Team Epic, a yonkoma series created by bkub that follows the surreal adventures of the two schoolgirls Popuko and Pipimi. Although it is never specified whether Popuko is related to Pipimi or not, the two are very close and share a sister-like bond.

Popuko is someone who is quick to anger and has psychopathic tendencies, often lashing out at other people with little to no provocation and having an unexplained distaste towards catering staff, a contrast to Pipimi's calmer, more levelheaded personality; she also has an excessive habit of using profanities in her speech, especially when angry. Like Pipimi, Popuko appears to have an interest in video games, anime and J-pop, as she frequently makes references to them.

In M.U.G.E.N, Popuko has been created by Totototo. The character uses custom sprites and serves as an homage to Pop Team Epic by having almost the entirety of her moveset effectively lifted from the yonkoma's panels.

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Essentially one massive reference to the source material, which in turn is filled with references to other properties, Popuko crams what she can into her very simple two-button gameplay; effort from the creator seems to have been assigned solely to these visual gags, however, as the gameplay features no real coherence and comes across as somewhat clunky, with inconsistent damage outputs and a clear lack of balance.