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Pokémon Trainer
Pokemontrainer Potrait
Character portrait







Pokémon Trainer (sometimes referred to as Red) is a red-clothed, 11 year old who is the playable character of the original Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Blue, their remakes, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though it's his Pokémon that do the actual fighting.

So far, Pokémon Trainer has appeared in twelve Pokémon games in total. In Pokémon Red and Blue (Red and Green in Japan) and Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, he appeared as the playable character, whereas in the remakes of Red and Blue, he appeared as one of the playable characters along with Leaf. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, their remakes, and Pokémon Crystal, he appeared under the name of Red, who resides at the top of Mt. Silver, and is supposed to be the 'final boss'. His most recent appearance is in Black 2 and White 2, where he appears (again under the name of Red) as one of the opponents in the Pokémon World Tournament. He also appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Pokémon Trainer, in which he sent out and retrieved the Kanto starter Pokémon in different evolutionary stages.

In M.U.G.E.N, Pokemon Trainer has Ivysaur, Squirtle and Charizard to battle for him just like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and was created by MGSSJ2. Although this character acts pretty much like it does in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it has a huge error in its coding, so when controlled by the AI, he cannot switch Pokémon, so it'll always be stuck with Ivysaur, even when defeated (all three have to be defeated to win).


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Poktrai Idle

Like his Brawl counterpart, Pokémon Trainer does not attack himself, but instead uses his three Pokémon (Ivysaur, Squirtle and Charizard) to do so instead. All three Pokémon can be switched between freely, though once a Pokémon has been KO'd, it cannot be switched in until the next round. It is possible to exploit a error in the character that makes the current Pokémon vanish from the screen, by pressing Button-z while holding Button-D. The player then needs to mash the buttons to reappear on the screen as Ivysaur (this won't work if Ivysaur has fainted).

It should be noted that because the Trainer is the root character, the A.I. opponent may occasionally try to attack the Trainer as opposed to the Pokémon.







Hold on! This movelist contains moves which may or may not list all corresponding move properties. Please help us rectify this.

Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down.

Specials (All)

Name Command Input Properties
Switch Pokémon Button-z

Specials (Ivysaur)

Name Command Input Properties
Bullet Seed Button-x
Poktrai Ivysaur Bullet LauncherPoktrai Bullet Seed
Name Command Input Properties
Vine whip Button-y
Poktrai Vine Whip
Name Command Input Properties
Razor leaf Button-a
Poktrai Razor Leaf LauncherPoktrai Razor Leaf
Name Command Input Properties
Solarbeam Button-b
Poktrai Ivysaur Bullet LauncherPoktrai Ivysaur Solarbeam

Specials (Squirtle)

Name Command Input Properties
Waterfall Button-x
Poktrai Squirtle LauncherPoktrai Waterfall
Name Command Input Properties
Withdraw Button-y
Poktrai Squirtle Withdraw
Name Command Input Properties
Surf Button-a
Poktrai Surf Launcher
Name Command Input Properties
Water Gun Button-b
Poktrai Squirtle LauncherPoktrai Water Gun

Specials (Charizard)

Name Command Input Properties
Slash Button-x
Poktrai Charizard Slash LauncherPoktrai Charizard Slash
Name Command Input Properties
Earthquake Button-y

Name Command Input Properties
Rock Smash Button-a
Poktrai Charizard Rock Smash LauncherPoktrai Charizard Rock Smash
Name Command Input Properties
Flamethrower Button-b
Poktrai Charizard Flamethrower LauncherPoktrai Charizard Flamethrower


Name Command Input Properties
Triple Finish Button-c Can only be used once per round


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