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Artwork from Teletubbies



Oldest version

Alerkina4's version (2013)

Newest version

Creeptasticman's version (2015)



Po is one of the four Teletubbies from the BBC kids show Teletubbies.

Po is the red Teletubby, with an antenna shaped like a circle which can be used for blowing bubbles, and the smallest of the Teletubbies. Po's favorite object is her scooter, which she often plays with. Po loves attention and is a bit timid and less talkative than the other Teletubbies.

In M.U.G.E.N, Po has been made by Alerkina4 and Creeptasticman, with both versions being spriteswaps; Alerkina4's version uses MS Paint-like custom sprites and is a spriteswap of Jay_High19's Barney and Creeptasticman's version has sprites taken from a 3D model of Po made by leegeek rendered in 2D and is a spriteswap of Kung Fu Man.

Alerkina4's versionEditicon


With very inconsistent sprites that barely resemble Po, this character is a spriteswap, just like all of Alerkina4's characters, with the base character being Jay_High19's Barney. Po plays almost exactly like the base character and has no Specials or Hypers and a limited moveset; the character's hitboxes are altered, however, with the hitboxes shrinking during many of her animations.


Creeptasticman's version


Creeptasticman's version of Po uses sprites taken from a 3D Po model made by leegeek rendered in 2D, though the sprite file is only compatible with M.U.G.E.N 1.1. While playing as this character, one may find the character's gameplay oddly familiar, as she is nothing more than a spriteswap of Kung Fu Man, with all of the base character's moves and hitboxes left intact, and many of Po's attack animations do not match their hitboxes.