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Pixel Storm
Mewtwo and Zangoose feeling out of place on Pixel Storm




GarchompMatt's Scrapheap

Pixel Storm is an original stage set in the midst of a meteor shower, with combatants fighting atop a platform seemingly suspended in space; as the stage's name would suggest, the meteors are giant pixels that occasionally smash into the platform, shattering twice before settling and fading away.

In M.U.G.E.N, Pixel Storm has been created by GarchompMatt; the stage is animated entirely through velocities and opacity changes, making extensive use of BGCtrlDefs and only using nine sprites in total.

GarchompMatt's version

Pixel Storm
'Battle Against a True Hero' from UNDERTALE*





Super Jump




This stage is very simple in terms of appearance, primarily consisting of only black and white with blue-grey gradients trailing behind the meteors, but contains a sizeable amount of code to animate both of the meteors that come into contact with the stage; each segment of the meteor shattering is loaded at the same time and follows the same path as the other segments until it is no longer needed, where it will stop moving, change to a white oval (or a white oval beneath a meteor segment) and fade out. The stage is of a reasonable width, but lacks the height for Super Jumps to be used effectively, further cemented by the camera's inability to follow characters vertically at a quick enough pace.


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