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Mulambo's version (2006)

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Mulambo's version (2006)



Pingu is the protagonist of the kids TV show of the same name. He has appeared in every episode of the series so far.

Pingu is a cheery fun-loving penguin who lives with his family at the South Pole. However, he can be very troublesome. He has a younger sister named Pinga, and he often takes care of her when his parents are busy. Pingu is well known for his "Noot Noot" sound. It is frequently used in reaction images, remixes and YouTube Poops.

In M.U.G.E.N, Pingu has been made by Mulambo.

Mulambo's versionProfanityicon


This character uses custom sprites and The King of Fighters-styled gameplay, using four buttons for attacks and one for a Dodge. He doesn't have much comboability, but his Hypers are incredibily overpowered, with two of them being OHKOs. He also has traits of a shoto clone.


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