This subpage contains any edits of Pizzasause's version of Pikachu. What is listed here is limited to what the edits change, meaning information should not be duplicated from the article about the original version outside of the idle animation and portrait, even if they haven't changed.

YochiThMaster333's edit

Pikachu (Pikachu)
Character portrait




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YochiThMaster333's edit is a self-proclaimed attempt at converting the character over to a Marvel vs. Capcom style of gameplay, bumping the button count up to six from the original version's five by adding heavy variants of the character's Normals to (C)Button-c and (Z)Button-z, though Skull Bash is still assigned to Button-F+(Z)Button-z; in actuality, the only semblances of Marvel vs. Capcom presented by this edit are the launcher assigned to [ Button-D+(Z)Button-z ] and the Super Jump, though the launcher sends the opponent too low in comparison to how high Pikachu goes when performing the Super Jump, which when coupled with Pikachu's aerials nullifying the opponent's upward momentum, causes the opponent to fall out of Pikachu's air combo. In addition to the Marvel vs. Capcom elements added, move attributions have been modified to reflect what Pizzasause had originally written in the character's ReadMe, changing WazaA_a and WazaA_b from Normals to Specials, all four attacks named Superwaza A from Normals to Hypers and Skull Bash to a Special from a Hyper; Skull Bash has also been modified so that charging the move increases the velocity instead of velocity being decided at random regardless of how long the attack was charged for, though it is not possible to fully charge Skull Bash in the air due to Pikachu landing before a full charge can be reached.


Unchanged from original version.


Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.

Original names, activation methods and properties for moves that have been modified are faded. Only animations that have changed are shown. Moves that have only been renamed are not listed.

Removed Hypers

Name Command Input Properties
Skull Bash [ Button-F+(Z)Button-z ] AirokHardknockdown
[ Button-F+(Z)Button-z ] to delay attack
Velocity varies at random

Added Specials

Name Command Input Properties
Thunder Jolt QCF Button-xyz HighAerialProj
Name Command Input Properties
Thunder QCF Button-abc HighAerialProjHardknockdown
Name Command Input Properties
Skull Bash [ Button-F+(Z)Button-z ] AirokHardknockdown
[ Button-F+(Z)Button-z ] to delay attack and increase velocity
YochiPizzasausePikaS3 1 YochiPizzasausePikaS3 2 YochiPizzasausePikaS3 3
Ground no charge Ground fully charged Aerial no charge

Added Hypers

Name Command Input Properties
Volt Tackle QCF (X)Button-x+(Y)Button-y AirokAerialStartupinv*Softknockdown
Direction can be controlled using 8way
Uses 3000 Power
YochiPizzasausePikaH1 1 YochiPizzasausePikaH1 2
Ground Aerial
Name Command Input Properties
Super Thundershock QCB (X)Button-x+(Y)Button-y HighAerialStartupinv*Softknockdown
Uses 2000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Super Thunder QCF (A)Button-a+(B)Button-b HighAerialProjStartupinv*Hardknockdown
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Multi Thunder Jolt QCB (A)Button-a+(B)Button-b HighAerialProjStartupinv*
Uses 1000 Power

Palette Gallery

Unchanged from original version.

Victory quotes

Unchanged from original version.