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Piccolo FighterZ
Artwork from Dragon Ball FighterZ



Oldest version

Ssonic's version (1999)

Newest version

Kenshiro99's version (2017)


Dragon Ball Z

Piccolo is a character from the Dragon Ball series, making a debut at the end of the original Dragon Ball before reappearing in every subsequent installment of the franchise, including many of the movies.

Piccolo is a member of the male-only Namekian race, although this isn't known at first. He was the final son of and possibly the reincarnation of his father, King Piccolo, who gave birth to him before dying at the hands of a prepubescent Goku. After aging at an extraordinary rate over the course of a couple years, he faced off against Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai to avenge his father, in which he lost to Goku in the final round. Many years later, he became an ally to Goku and founding member of the Z fighters, as well as a mentor to his son, Gohan.

In M.U.G.E.N, there are several versions of him, one of the most famous versions is by CHOUJIN.

Ssonic's version


As a very early version of Piccolo, this version happens to more balanced than one would think, considering how early it was released. It uses sprites from Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension, but plays nothing like said game, adopting a four button layout akin to the King of Fighters series and Kung Fu Man.


The Necromancer's version


While Piccolo uses a standard, six button layout, it is hard to pin it down to a particular gameplay style, but apparently takes inspiration from Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Capcom vs. SNK 2 for its combo heavy style. It also features some clunky aerial raves.


Ironmugen & Dadou's version


A departure to many of the Dragon Ball characters created at the time, Piccolo only makes use of four buttons during gameplay and uses a variety of attacks based off of the manga and anime.


CHOUJIN's version


This version of Piccolo use sprites from the second Dragon Ball Z arcade game, with combo heavy custom gameplay influenced both Guilty Gear X and Marvel vs. Capcom's systems, according to the author. If that leaves many unsatisfied, it also has a rather competitive and agressive A.I. Vegeta must have been right about where the intense power was coming from.


Supermystery's second version


Many people would jump to conclusions on how cheap this version of Piccolo is, considering who made it. However, this version is surprisingly well balanced. It comes packed with fantastic combo ability and four levels of adjustable A.I.

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