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After Flandre accidentally destroys another Nintendo handheld, RicePigeon's Patchouli decides to venture outside with a spellbook in order to take her frustrations out on anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way; while the character is armed with potent elemental projectiles, being holed up in a library for 100 years does do a number on one's health, which is reflected in the reduced Life stat.

Patchouli Knowledge (Patchouli_RP)
Character portrait




RicePigeon's MUGEN Spot




Patchouli Knowledge/RicePigeon's Version



Patchouli Knowledge is technically a six-button character that plays like a standard three-button character, using the Button-xyz buttons for the vast majority of her moveset and the Button-abc buttons as shortcuts; (A)Button-a acts as a shortcut for the character's back and forward dashes when either Button-F or Button-B (respectively) is being held, (B)Button-b is used as a shortcut for the (Y)Button-y+(Z)Button-z input that's assigned to the character's throw, while (C)Button-c is used as a shortcut for the Button-xyz3 part of the command input that's used in the Level 3 Hypers. One of Patchouli's mutually exclusive level 3 spellcard Hypers has to be chosen at the beginning of every match, with Sun Sign "Royal Flare" being a powerful fullscreen attack that comes at the cost of having a long startup time and being highly punishable on block, while Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" is a passive 20-second Hyper that provides Patchouli with strengthened Specials and additional projectiles every time a Special is used when its corresponding crystal is available.

Although Patchouli is geared toward a more conventional gameplay without reliance on projectiles, a large number of Special attacks are projectile based, and many of Patchouli's normal attacks have large range. While Patchouli is geared mostly towards keepaway zoning, it would be a mistake to believe that Patchouli is incapable of being a severe offensive threat. To compensate for these qualities, both offensively and defensively, Patchouli has a lower-than-average Life stat of 900.

Patchouli uses M.U.G.E.N's default A.I..







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Guard Cancel Counter RQCB Button-xyz during blockstun MidStartupinvSoftknockdown
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Summer Red QCF Button-xyz ProjSoftknockdown*
Projectile velocity varies with button pressed
If Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal is active: fires a second projectile 45 degrees upward / forward
RPPatchyS2 1 RPPatchyS2 2 RPPatchyS2 3
Ground default Ground Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal active Aerial default
RPPatchyS2 4
Aerial Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal active
RPPatchyS2 5 RPPatchyS2 6 RPPatchyS2 7
Ground default Ground Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal active Aerial default
RPPatchyS2 8
Aerial Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal active
RPPatchyS2 9 RPPatchyS2 10 RPPatchyS2 11
Ground default Ground Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal active Aerial default
RPPatchyS2 12
Aerial Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" red crystal active
Name Command Input Properties
Winter Element Button-D Button-D Button-xyz ProjMidHardknockdown
If Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" blue crystal is active: fires an additional geyser, increased geyser height
RPPatchyS3 1 RPPatchyS3 2
Default Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" blue crystal active
RPPatchyS3 3 RPPatchyS3 4
Default Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" blue crystal active
RPPatchyS3 5 RPPatchyS3 6
Default Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" blue crystal active
Name Command Input Properties
Autumn Blade HCB Button-xyz ProjHardknockdown
Projectile trajectory varies with button pressed
If Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" yellow crystal is active: increased damage
RPPatchyS4 1
RPPatchyS4 2
RPPatchyS4 3
Name Command Input Properties
Emerald City RDP Button-xyz MidSoftknockdown
If Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" brown crystal is active: Invincible*, all versions use (Z)Button-z version's hitboxes
(X)Button-x and (Y)Button-y versions: Startupinv
RPPatchyS5 1 RPPatchyS5 4
Default Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" brown crystal active
RPPatchyS5 2 RPPatchyS5 4
Default Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" brown crystal active
RPPatchyS5 3 RPPatchyS5 4
Default Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" brown crystal active
Name Command Input Properties
Crystal Projectile N/A ProjSoftknockdown*
Attack occurs automatically during Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" whenever a crystal is broken


Name Command Input Properties
Fire Metal Sign "St. Elmo's Pillar" QCF QCF Button-xyz ProjMidTrackingHardknockdown
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Wood Metal Sign "Elemental Harvester" QCB QCB Button-xyz MidStartupinvHardknockdown
Uses 1000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Sun Sign "Royal Flare" QCF QCF Button-xyz3 / (C)Button-c ProjMidFullscreenHardknockdown
Only usable if respective spellcard is selected prior to match
Uses 3000 Power


Name Command Input Properties
Spring Wind DP Button-xyz Startupinv
Pushes opponent back
Pushing distance varies with button pressed
If Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" green crystal is active: increased pushing distance
(Z)Button-z version: ProjInv
RPPatchyO1 1
RPPatchyO1 2
RPPatchyO1 3
Name Command Input Properties
Five Elements "Philosopher's Stone" QCB QCB Button-xyz3 / (C)Button-c Only usable if respective spellcard is selected prior to match
Specials gain additional attributes when used while their respective crystals are intact, but also break their respective crystals
Crystals regenerate after 3 seconds
Effect lasts 20 seconds
Uses 3000 Power

Palette Gallery

1,1 1,2 (Marisa Kirisame's colours) 1,3 (Mima's colours)
1,4 (Koakuma's colours) 1,5 (Vergil's colours) 1,6
1,7 1,8 1,9
1,10 1,11 1,12
This character uses a Palette Selector that allows for more than 12 palettes to be chosen, and as such, only the first 12 are shown here. For a full list of palettes, see Alternative palettes.
For each palette in group 1 listed here, this character also has a corresponding palette in group 2. Palettes in group 2 are simply mirrors of their group 1 counterparts, used to simulate the asymmetrical color scheme in the character's sprites when the character is facing left.

Victory quotes


If you can find their weaknesses, you can defeat anyone.
Whatever the weather, it doesn't matter to me if I stay at home.
The power of magic is like those of science. Meaning, it's at the forefront of the times!
More fighters from the outside... I see the gap youkai is trying to amuse herself again.
Now get the fuck out of my library.


There have been a lot of mice in the library recently, but it seems our cats are just sieves.
vs. Hong Meiling
So? Are you properly doing your job?
vs. Hong Meiling
Use your head for once and put that grimoire back. You have no business using magic you do not understand.
vs. Hong Meiling
*sigh* ... I told you not to touch that damn thing.
vs. Lie Meiling
I knew this would happen. The only thing that can beat you now is with the power of nothingness.
vs. Lie Meiling
If only you'd have used your head, you wouldn't have become another of the gap youkai's attempts at self-amusement.
vs. Lie Meiling
You... Judging from the seasons you're active in, you're probably weak against dried plums.
vs. Yukari Yakumo
The rain that falls when it's sunny is the deceitful weather. It is what they call a fox's wedding, after all.
vs. Yukari Yakumo
The magic outside sure has advanced. There are too few researchers in Gensokyo.
vs. Yukari Yakumo
I was prepared. To beat you... wasabi's good.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
Clear sunny skies harm living creatures from time to time. Sunlight is one of those harmful substances that you can't hide from.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
The shrine isn't a good place for using magic. It needs to be more chaotic.
vs. Reimu Hakurei
I was prepared. To beat you... use chili peppers, I guess?
vs. Alice Margatroid
Falling hail cannot adapt to the warm summer air. It had no effect other than causing damage.
vs. Alice Margatroid
Though you're using magical strings to control the dolls, controlling so many is quite a feat
vs. Alice Margatroid



  • The back throw is a direct reference to Vergil's Summoned Swords attack from Devil May Cry 3, including the sound effect.
  • Patchouli's voice is MAGES. from Hyperdimension Neptunia; the voice clips specifically are taken from Victory and Re;Birth 1.
    • In reference to this, Patchouli's 13th palette is based on MAGES.


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