Unofficial artwork of Ozma



Oldest version

fhqwhgads7's version (2010)

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fhqwhgads7's version (2010)



Ozma the Jawbreaker, also known as simply Ozma, is an original joke boss character made by fhqwhgads7.

Ozma is loosely based on, and a parody of, the optional superboss of the same name from Final Fantasy IX. Ozma is a giant floating jawbreaker that becomes smaller with each of the four phases. During every phase, a face is displayed on Ozma, with it having Squidward's face during the first phase, King Harkinian's face during the second phase, Hotel Mario's face during the third phase and Gaston's face during the fourth and final phase. Its attacks are based on the same creator's Giygas and various YouTube Poops.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ozma has been made by fhqwhgads7.

Fhqwhgads7's version


A challenging boss character with a total of four phases, a variety of projectile attacks and the ability to recover its Life, this giant jawbreaker makes for a memetic fight. It can also be controlled by a human player, but its attack commands are very unusual. Beware its powerful Hypers.



  • Ozma's face in its first phase was originally Giygas' face, but it was replaced with Squidward's face in an update.

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