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Onpu Segawa
Artwork from Ojamajo Doremi






Ojamajo Doremi

Onpu Segawa is the Purple Witch Apprentice. Her mentor is MajoRuka, who is the rival of MajoRika. Onpu is a famous child idol in Japan. She has short, purple hair, done up in a small ponytail. Her fairy's name is Roro. She was not friends with the other Ojamajos, but she sacrificed herself to save them when people found out about the girls being witches. The Ojamajos gave up their magic to save her and they've been friends ever since.

In M.U.G.E.N, she has been made by Taruse.

Taruse's version

Onpu Idle

Onpu Segawa is four (but technically six) button character with an unusual setup. Though it takes a bit to get used to how her controls, she is a surprisingly effective character in some situations. Three buttons are used for her normal and special attacks, which are fairly slow, but powerful and high-priority, and her normal supers/hypers. Some of her most powerful abilities use magic balls, displayed on a meter that looks like this:

Onpu Magicballmeter

These magic balls cannot be replenished during a match unless one presses the (S)Button-s button, which opens an options and testing menu. In this menu, one can shorten the length of time the supers/hypers that use the magic balls take via changing the "CUTIN" option to off, something which can also be done with (C)Button-c. Other aspects of the menu include a Command List, which is in Japanese, and an option that tests the cut-in videos. Her actual taunt is performed with the (Z)Button-z button.

Her most major advantages are from the sheer power of her supers/hypers that use the magic balls, which can take out half of an opponent's HP effortlessly, her high offensive capabilities at close-range, and her air-dash being capable of damaging opponents. Flaws include all of her supers/hypers being blockable, rendering their damage negligible if they are blocked, and her lack of speed and pitifully close range with most attacks, making her very vulnerable to a number of characters.

Her AI is extremely weak, and does not attack very often or even defend themselves.