Geese Howard's Raimei Gou Hazaki Nage, an OTG attack. Note how Geese grabs Kung Fu Man from a lying down state.

In M.U.G.E.N and other fighting games, an On-The-Ground Attack, often shortened to OTG Attack, is an attack which has the capability to damage an opponent who has been knocked down and is lying on the floor. It was first seen in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, where it was known as Pursuit Attacks, although this ability was also possible with certain characters in Street Fighter II.

Such moves are generally used to end combos or hard knockdowns by adding more damage to the attack string. However, as a trade off, such moves often are of limited utility when the opponent is not knocked down, or may not even be able to hit a standing opponent.


Every character possesses CLSN2 hitboxes that are hittable by a CLSN1 attack hitbox - but only if the attack's allowed hit states and the character's current state match. This is given by the parameter "hitflag" for HitDefs and Projectiles. For example, the following hitflags:

hitflag = MAFP

indicate that the attack hits mid (M), can hit characters in the air (A) and falling (F), and is a projectile (P). Notice that there is no (D) flag, which means that this attack will not be able to hit an opponent who has been knocked down.

However, appending the D flag to this attack means that an opponent who has been knocked down will be hit by the attack, even though they are on the ground. The attack can be said to have OTG properties.


  • Kyo-1's Dark Thrust, Instantaneous Smash and Vermillion Heaven Exorcism
  • Geese Howard's Raimei Gou Hazaki Nage and Raging Storm
  • Clone Zero's Hakura Metsusei
  • Krizalid's Lightning Disaster
  • Evil Ken's Ground Smash
  • Evil Ryu's Misogi
  • Hyper God Ryu, Hyper God Ken and Rare Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu
  • Kung Fu Man's Crouching Strong Kick.
  • Ramparudo's いわくだき.
  • Daniel Gajardo Pulgar's Stuck in 2*pi*radius
  • RicePigeon's Hina Kagiyama's Wound Sign "Exiled Doll"

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