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Omega Tom Hanks
Omega Tom Hanks
OTH's idle animation


ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh


ShinRyoga and Neo Ank's Version
JNG's edit
Alosson's edit



Omega Tom Hanks is a cheap M.U.G.E.N character created by ShinRyoga and NeoAnkh as an April Fools joke. He is similar to the Omegas, except that he is a parody of American actor Tom Hanks.

In M.U.G.E.N, Omega Tom Hanks has been created by ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh, JNG and Alosson.

ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh's versionEdit

In the original version, OTH laughs maniacally, taunting his opponent while tossing hard-hitting solid DVD covers of some of his greatest hit films. When he is done toying with the hopeless victim, he destroys them by launching the "Hooch Bomb"...his favorite detonating canine companion. Most videos featuring Omega Tom Hanks show the invincible version, althrough with special coded reversals this version can be killed regardless of having no hitbox and lacking hitstates. It should be noted that the maniacal laugh was taken from the 1986 film, "The Money Pit". 

JNG's editEdit

JNG made an edit of him with a cheap version of Omega Tiger Woods' Armageddon super. In the Omega Tom Hanks super, he summons Wilson and a ton of clones of him, which is considered to be cheaper than the cheap version of the Armageddon super. He also has a hyper where the screen blacks out then a screamer appears, which contains a screamer sprite ripped from Noroko. There is also a version where the screen whites out instead, which creating a 100 hit combo without the screamer. Note that these are only available in the JNG edit.

Alosson's editEdit

Alosson has recently created an edit of Omega Tom Hanks, it is edited directly off JNG's edit. This edit can easliy be consider the cheapest edit of OTH created so far, as he now has 3 new full screen attacks which are OHKO moves, 2 of which can completely remove the character off the screen. This edit also features 2 strikers, one of which from Daniel and the other being Ken wielding a proton cannon. Alosson stated that these were a tribute to both Daniel and Ken and that he had the idea to add them in while making the edit. The Death Star also follow's Tom around, as a parody to its creator, TROY.



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