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Omega Tiger Woods
Omega Tiger Woods's idle animation


Most Mysterious & The_None
Garionfeld (3 different versions of this edit exist)


Most Mysterious+The_None's Version
JNG's 2008 Edit
Most Mysterious & The_None's 2012 Update
God Alosson's 2008 edit
Omega Tiger Woods 2013
Thecrazyvoid's Symbiote Omega Tiger Woods
RabbitGentleman's OTW edits
Omega Tiger Woods Akasan-Type
Omega Tiger Woods 2008 Raging tiger woods Omega Tiger Woods 2014-2015



Omega Tiger Woods is a very bizarre and overpowered character. Omega Tiger Wood's (OTW) head is an oversized, photoshopped picture of his face, with his mouth morphed to look like the Nike logo. His body, on the other hand, is a cartoon character's body.



Omega Tiger Woods is a 6-button character that is not balanced in the slightest. He has a series of highly disrepute attacks such as a crane from the top which grabs the opponent, then drops him/her, dealing very high damage. This can also be very annoying because he can summon missiles even though he's being hit by a hyper. If a missile hits the opponent, the hyper ends. OTW has a grab which plays the song Telekomunikacja Huje (by Polish rock group Kury)  while the screen goes black and the face of a character from the game Manhunt appears dealing 10% of the opponent's health. Another cheap hyper is that he spawns multiple missiles from the sky which can be annoying since you cannot block these. As a drawback, he can't block any attacks, which is quite problematic against combo-happy opponents.


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Button-LK = Explosive Golf Tee Strike


Button-MK = G-Man


Button-HK = Crane Attack


QCBButton-Punch = Heads From Hell


QCFButton-Punch = Large Skull



QCFButton-2xPunch = Shrimp Bus (Requires 1 power bar, Could be David Hasselhoff or Gutsman's Ass)




QCBButton-2xPunch = Armageddon (Requires 1 power bar)

Otwmissile Otwmissile Otwmissile

OTW 2012 Version Moves and Hypers:

QCFButton-Punch = Man Dies Jumping On His Head

QCBButton-Punch = Nike Dohma

RDPButton-Punch = Man Dies Jumping From The Bridge

[ Button-B ](near edge of screen) = HERE COMES THE AIRPLANE, PSHEEEEEW

Button-HK = Fly from behind

Button-BButton-B = DO THE "LOOP"


QCFButton-2xPunch = Shrimp Bus (Could be David Hasselhoff or Gutsman's Ass, requires 1000 power bar)

QCBButton-2xPunch = Armageddon (requires 2000 power bar)

Button-3xPunch = Mike Dawson's Greatest Hits (requires 2000 power bar)

Palette GalleryEdit

God Alosson's OTW 2008 EditEdit

God Alosson recently has made an edit of Omega Tiger Woods 2008, this edit plays the same as the normal one would, only with slight changes. one of the changes is the newly added palettes, Shadow and 12P, in 12P mode, Omega Tiger woods recieves insane health regen and unlimited power and access to Shun Broken Satsu, a broken version of Shun Goku Satsu which takes half of a characters life points away.

MetalGuy213's Omega Tiger Woods 2014-2015 EditEdit

Metal recently made another Omega Tiger Woods that looks different, the creator removed David Hanseloff And Gutsman's Ass and replacing with 2 Shrimp bus (Fake Golden and Black And White) and he made accessible God Alosson's OTW Shun Broken Satsu on all palletes,OTW has now an Golden Pallete then access to an Golden Shrimp Bus does Deals 9000 Damage as an OHKO move just in his Beta Version his Golden Pallete cannot regen,reciving Gold Armor and  Specially mini Clone Produce. OTW now in his Beta Version gives intros with Eggbomber101's Gum,Zandro By the same author and The_None's Jesse Army. his 12P just recives some Glitches and more intros comming. His 12P can be fixed  in the future.



  • There is a small cameo of Omega Tiger Woods in one of Dee Bee Kaw's hypers, where is shoots out a random object, and one of them is OTW's head, which multiplies for a short while if the projectile has hit the player.
  • OTW's portrait is one of the only few that doesn't have an image for their face, yet another's (Ken's).
  • The image for Heads From Hell is Apocalypse's Head.
  • He has intros against Touhou, EFZ , DDR characters, Peketo, Len Clones (Some Edits),  Himself, OTW 2008, MM Characters, Evil Balrog, GMW Characters, Alter Amiba, and Rage Rock.
  • Omega Tiger Woods still has KFM's liedown sprites when lying down in the older version.
  • Omega Tiger Woods 2008 has an Anti-Cheap mode where he becomes invincible and is granted unlimited power if he fights characters like Zeeky H. Bomb, SuperMario64, and Ronald McDonald.

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