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Omega Tiger Woods
Origin of OTW's Head


Most Mysterious & The_None


Most Mysterious+The_None's version
JNG's 2008 Edit is currently unavailable
Most Mysterious & The_None's 2012 Update
God Alosson's 2008 edit
Omega Tiger Woods 2013 is currently offline
Thecrazyvoid's Symbiote Omega Tiger Woods
RabbitGentleman's OTW edits
Omega Tiger Woods Akasan-Type
Omega Tiger Woods 2008
Raging tiger woods
Omega Tiger Woods 2014-2015
Omega Tiger Woods 2007



Omega Tiger Woods is a very bizarre and overpowered character. Omega Tiger Wood's (OTW) head is an oversized, photoshopped picture of his face, with his mouth morphed to look like the Nike logo. His body, on the other hand, is a cartoon character's body.

Most_Mysterious' versionEditiconProfanityicon


Back in the day, many would've considered Omega Tiger Woods to one of the cheapest characters around, and although times have changed and it doesn't quite compare to other cheap characters any more, this overpowered titan of a professional golfer has still gotta kick some ass.



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