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Ankokunaitou's version (2013)

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Ankokunaitou's version (2013)


Live A Live

Oboro (also known as Oboro-Maru) is a playable character in Live A Live, and the main protagonist of the Ninja chapter of said game.

He is an elite shinobi from a Ninja Clan known as Enma. His role is to assassinate Ode Iou, a warlord who wishes to plunge Japan into war for amusement. Oboro is also available to select as the protagonist of the Final Chapter of Live A Live.

In M.U.G.E.N, Oboro has been made by Ankokunaitou, under the name Oboromaru. The character uses an array of attacks from Live A Live, giving it a relatively large and balanced moveset. It uses sprites from Live A Live.

Ankokunaitou's version

Anko Oboro Idle

This character is capable of using many different attacks suited for different situations, making Oboro a highly versatile character to use. To make things worse for his opponent, Oboro's A.I. utilises these strengths and ensures that this ninja will complete his mission.

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