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ONI-MIKO-ZERO's Portrait






Touhou Project/Edit

The ONI-MIKO series is a series of edits of Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project. They are all cheapies that can beat nearly any sort of character, including the likes of Chuck Norris and 20000.

In M.U.G.E.N, the entire ONI-MIKO series of characters have been created by Lunatic.

Lunatic's ONI-MIKO

The first ONI-MIKO of the entire edit series, this version is arguably one of the strongest, able to kill characters such as A-Bomb, F1 using Chaos/F1 Killer and Omega Tom Hanks. This version was first made in 2008 and is hard to find.

Lunatic's ONI-MIKO-R


The second edit of the ONI-MIKO series, this edit is much stronger than the original version and can kill many more characters than the original can. This is considered a remake of ONI-MIKO.

Lunatic's ONI-MIKO-X


The third edit of the ONI-MIKO series, this edit is much different then the original and R versions. This one is CPU only and tracks variables and uses them to kill the enemy, which is a form of Chaos/F1 Killer called Dynamic Chaos. This version may seem much easier to kill but is extremely powerful.

This version also has 20000 animations and uses extreme amounts of explods, and as such is very CPU intensive, and you need to have at least a 3 GHz CPU to use it, or expect a very slow/laggy match.



ONI-MIKO-ZERO was originally known as the cheapest character for M.U.G.E.N, however authors created more powerful characters that could beat her making her lose her spot as the cheapest character. Her gameplay is just like F1, except she can beat characters that don't attack or can't be hit like Rick Astley. She can't move and can't attack but she defeats the opponent instantly before the round begins by using a helper and null overflow method which changes the alive value of a character, formerly known as the Alive Change Method. Some cheap characters can however withstand ONI-MIKO-ZERO's power but remain still for the rest of the fight. She can also freeze the time limit to prevent it from interfering with the match. ONI-MIKO-ZERO can only be beaten with characters such as Crazy CatastropheIce-Oro-Mizuchi or those who outright K.O. the player at the start of the round such as Debugger or the likes of the Guanyin series. This version works for both 1.0 and WinMUGEN, however it will crash on 1.0 due to the coding present within her. A stronger version exists known as ONI-MIKO-Z-R. This version only works for WinMUGEN due to the %n coding present in her code.


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