Nui Rama
Promotional artwork of both variants of Nui Rama



Oldest version

Kozeni's version (2009)

Newest version

Kozeni's version (2009)



Nui Rama are large, insect-like creatures known as Rahi that occupy certain areas of Metru Nui. They can fly, and have claws and a stinger, making them deadly foes, but can be tamed and used for transportation.

Nui Rama feed mainly on liquid Protodermis, a key substance that everything inside the Matoran Universe is made of. They usually obtain the liquid Protodermis by draining it from Chutes, large pipes used for transportation that use liquid Protodermis to function. If a big enough swarm were to attack to a Chute, then it is very likely that it would collapse.

In M.U.G.E.N, Nui Rama has been created by Kozeni. It uses custom sprites and attacks primarily with its claws.

Kozeni's version


Nui Rama functions a bit like a boss character, having Super Armour, the ability to fly and a custom K.O. animation. Though it can't combo, it loves using its grab attack to drag you around the stage, so in that regard, it's just like an actual flying insect—annoying.