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Windindi (director)
Jenngra505 (secondary assistant)



Latest Version

NvC Beta 1.0

Nintendo vs. CAPCOM: Clash of Legends (also known by its shorter title, Nintendo vs. CAPCOM) is a M.U.G.E.N full game currently being developed by Windindi, with some of the gameplay coding by LenMaster88. Naturally, the roster consists of various characters from both Nintendo and Capcom's franchises, but it also contains a number of 3rd-party characters that have been part of either Nintendo or Capcom's history, though some have no association with either company at all.

Demos of Nintendo vs. CAPCOM were released throughout the project's history to satisfy the audience, though there were still many glitches and balance issues as a result of it being a compilation at the time. Nintendo vs. CAPCOM went through development hell from July until late August due to issues with the development team, though despite these issues, the team went ahead with redoing the entire project from scratch to make sure everything was satisfactory.

The game is still currently in development. The most recent release is named "NvC Beta 1.0", with updates coming in the future that will add features such as characters, stages, and Arcade storyboards.





Version history

Beta 1.0

  • First release.

Previous versions

Prior to its current beta release, Nintendo vs. CAPCOM had several periodic "demo" releases ranging from the initial "Demo v0.1" to the last release, "Final Demo 2", though the reception of these releases wasn't overly positive, with criticism stemming from how each release did nothing to fix the inconsistency of the characters' sprites and playstyles, simply adding more content and altering the game's aesthetics.