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Artwork from Resident Evil.


N64Mario & The Pizzaman


N64Mario and The Pizzaman's version


Resident Evil

Neptune is a generic name referring to an enemy found in Resident Evil 1. They are B.O.W.S. of the Umbrella corporation. They are found in one of the flooded labs underneath the Spencer Mansion.

In M.U.G.E.N, he was made by N64Mario & The Pizzaman.


Neptune idle stance

The Pizzaman's version is the only known version of this character. It is a character that only uses one attack. The sprites are based on that Killer Whale from Metal Slug X. It is found in the Resident Evil beta. Its gameplay is similar to that Killer Whale from Metal Slug X. It is submerged into water and like its Metalslug counterpart, it attacks underneath and swallows the foe. The opponent to struggles and is ejected. The cycle is repeated.


  • Neptune is the Roman name for Greek god of the sea and the god of the sea in Roman mythology.
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