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Natsumi Hinata
Natsumi hinata
Artwork from Sgt. Frog






Sgt. Frog

Natsumi is the powerful older sister of Fuyuki and the one in charge of the Hinata house when their mother is not home. A minor celebrity of sorts in her own school, she often gets pleas of help from classmates like Yayoi and Satsuki (below), due to her unparalleled physical skills. Feisty and genial, Natsumi is equally capable as a friend, a fighter, and a loving family member.She is very strict on Keroro and always doubts of his intentions, physically abusing him on several occasions (as well as treating him as a house slave), and never calls him by name, only snapping "Boke gaeru" ("stupid frog") at him whenever she has to. Inversely, her infatuation with Saburo proves to be her only weakness on several occasions. Unlike her brother, Natsumi is highly sensitive spiritually, feeling an "oppression" when ghosts are near.

In M.U.G.E.N has been made by Sankiti.


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Natsumi is a fairly a fast character. She can rack up combo quick. She also uses Giroro and the other frogs to help her fight. Somehow, Giroro is her small portrait. 

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