Narayan Maxime
Artwork of Narayan Maxime



Oldest version

Ryanide's version (2006)

Newest version

Ryanide's version (2006)



Narayan Balzagette Maxime is an original character by Ryanide. He is a 16 year old lop-eared rabbit and the prince of Roda, a country in a world that is inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures like himself.

His father was banished due to his unpopularity, and as a result, Maxime hid inside his castle for a while until he decided to take revenge against the new ruler. After getting horribly beaten, the new ruler offered Maxime the chance to be a prince again, which Maxime found he couldn't refuse.

In M.U.G.E.N, Narayan Maxime was made once by his creator, Ryanide.

Ryanide's version


This character has sprites animated completely in Flash and varied attacks, and though it may seem weak at first glance, it is in reality a challenging foe that can lock the enemy in various of its combo options.


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