Mugen Story Mode
From left to right: MugenStoryMode, MugenStoryCreator and MugenSagaCreator





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Mugen Story Mode is a tool created by kamiloxnumetal that aims to add an additional "Story mode" to M.U.G.E.N's variety of game modes. Using the different programs provided, users can create their very own story mode with different sagas, stories and chapters. It also allows for characters to be locked/unlocked.

Story mode differs from Arcade mode in that rather than choosing a character from the player's roster and fighting randomly-selected opponents on a "ladder", a pre-set character is chosen (and can change throughout the course of the story) and a series of events are unfolded through "chapters", in a similar way to Mortal Kombat 9 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Key programs

Mugen Story Mode is comprised of different programs, but arguably the most important ones are MugenStoryMode, MugenStoryCreator and MugenSagaCreator, all of which are necessary for creating a Story mode.



The main program, MugenStoryMode is used to actually play the Story Mode. When loaded up, there are three options to chose from: "STORY MODE", "CLASSIC MUGEN MODE" and "EXIT"; STORY MODE switches to the saga select screen, CLASSIC MUGEN MODE opens up M.U.G.E.N and EXIT closes the program.



Screenshot showing the MugenStoryCreator program.


MugenStoryCreator allows users to create their very own stories and (more specifically) the chapters inside them. Each chapter can be assigned to "Fight", "Video", "Video+Fight", or "Nothing", and is very customisable; for example, the playable character can be assigned along with teammates, opponents, palette numbers, power/life values, the amount of rounds, the stage, and various other aspects. The triggers for unlocking content such as characters, stages and other stories/sagas can also be set through this program.



MugenSagaCreator is used for creating sagas, which contain each individual story. There can be more than one saga, and each saga can contain an unlimited amount of stories. This program allows for the customisation of the stories included within the saga, the music that plays when selecting a story within the saga, whether the saga is unlocked via a trigger (and which trigger it is), and several other features.



While not needed for use of Mugen Story Mode, it does play an somewhat important role, serving as an indirect "options" or "configuration" menu where the sound effects, screen size and introduction video can be changed/set, as well as the only way to reset all the triggers (akin to deleting a save file).