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Mugen Multiverse (commonly abbreviated as MMV) is a M.U.G.E.N website and forum founded by volzzilla with the premise of being "a place to have fun with mugen". The site came into existence in 2012 after volzzilla was removed from his position as admin at CVG United when tensions boiled over with Alexziq, another admin on the forum. A majority of members specialize in character releases from comic book franchises, specifically those owned by Marvel and DC Comics. The site, as well as its staff, have gained notoriety for their strict policies on user respect in an attempt to prevent drama.

Affiliated creators

  • alejandro iaccarino
  • andersontavars
  • Angelus_Silverhead
  • Arkady
  • armin iuf
  • bam77
  • BigPimp
  • borewood2013
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  • carpa5
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  • Chuchoryu
  • Cristianomelo
  • CVS Artist
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