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2014 - 2016

The Mugen Lab is a wiki-based M.U.G.E.N encyclopedia administrated by RicePigeon and Jenngra505 that was founded on 4th May 2014. It is much like the MUGEN Database in that it aims to document information on M.U.G.E.N creations, though unlike the MUGEN Database, the Mugen Lab currently focuses solely on characters; as a result, the Mugen Lab goes far more in-depth into character information, listing frame data, damage outputs and move hitboxes, among other aspects, more akin to wikis such as the Shoryuken Wiki.

The Mugen Lab spawned from a heated debate over the casual nature of the MUGEN Database's information. To remedy this to an extent, The Mugen Lab was created by Jenngra505 following a poll in regards to dealing with said debate, where users of the MUGEN Database voted in favour of creating the site.

Though it was evident that the site would be created, a name had not been settled on. Names like "The Hardcore MUGEN Database", "MD: Hardcore", "ShoryUGEN Wiki" and "MUGEN Arcade" were put forward, with the latter almost being accepted, though many felt the name was "too casual". The final name was eventually brought up during a chat session with various other members, with PlasmoidThunder (an admin of the MUGEN Database) suggesting "MUGEN Laboratory" or "MUGEN Lab" due to the site's proposed "technical research" attitude, and although Jenngra505 wanted the site's name to have "MUGEN Database" in it, he eventually agreed with "Mugen Lab".

The MUGEN Database and the Mugen Lab are partnered wikis, so if both wikis have information about the same version of a character, both sites link to each other's respective article on that character, with the Lab placing Database links in the External Links section of the parent articles, and the Database placing Lab links on the header of a specific character version's section in the form of a small image (MLicon), as well as in the infobox of said version's sub-article.

Differences between MUGEN Database and Mugen Lab

Database-Lab Comparison

Comparison between MUGEN Database article (top) and Mugen Lab article (bottom) detailing Flandre Scarlet's Taboo "Laevatein". Notable differences include hitbox display, proration data, cancelling options, move descriptions and frame data.

  • As previously mentioned, articles on Mugen Lab currently focus only on character releases.
  • All aspects of the character, including gameplay system, Normal Attacks and Command Normals, are listed.
  • Frame data, while optional, is listed in its own section and provides information such as guard ability, cancel ability, damage values, meter gain values, frame advantage and more.
  • Mugen Lab articles will sometimes provide move-by-move analyses, detailing how and when a specific move should be used.