MugenDream is a team of M.U.G.E.N creators that has made a complete DBZ game, using M.U.G.E.N to do so, called "The Ultimate DBZ Fighter", all characters being based off those of CHOUJINs. As of February 2011, the team is also working on a collection based on Killer Instinct, called "The KI Dream". Stig87 is the founder of MugenDream, and is also the creator of many of the characters found in the Ultimate DBZ Fighter, such as Burter and Android 18, and the collaborator of both projects.


Known Members/Helpers

  • 557
  • AcesHigh
  • AgentSix
  • AngelsBlade
  • Big Eli King
  • Blindsideme85
  • Boris
  • Chunky
  • DJ_Sturks
  • Doom
  • EnZo
  • Gladiacloud
  • Ironmugen
  • JedahUK
  • Jo
  • Ken Masters
  • K.O.D
  • Kratos
  • Luis2345
  • Majita
  • Miaoyu
  • Mike Obrecht
  • Negi Springfield
  • Ninja Naruto
  • Oboro
  • Orbinaut
  • OrochiKOF97
  • Pextin
  • Razor
  • SonicZX
  • SSJ SonGoku
  • Stig87
  • SuperMystery
  • Tomo
  • XGargoyle
  • ynvaser
  • Yusuke8
  • Zodiac

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