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Mortal Kombat (commonly abbreviated to MK) is an American fighting game series created by Midway Games (now known as NetherRealm Studios) that is best known for its excessively graphic content that ultimately contributed to the founding of the ESRB rating system. The first entry to the series, known simply as Mortal Kombat, was released in arcades on October 8th 1992 and featured digitized graphics instead of the usual hand-drawn sprites present in other fighting games at the time.


Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat II

  • Kitana
  • Mileena
  • Jade
  • Smoke
  • Noob Saibot
  • Kung Lao
  • Hornbuckle
  • Blaze
  • Jax
  • Baraka
  • Kintaro
  • Shao Kahn

Mortal Kombat: Blood and Thunder

  • Hydro

Mortal Kombat 3

  • Nightwolf
  • Kabal
  • Sindel
  • Kurtis Stryker
  • Sheeva
  • Motaro
  • Cyrax
  • Sektor

Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm

  • Ruby

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

  • Fujin
  • Sareena
  • Quan Chi
  • Shinnok
  • Kia
  • Jataaka
  • Earth God
  • Enjin
  • Fire God
  • Kōjin
  • Water God
  • Niam Tzu
  • Sujin
  • Grandmaster
  • Monks
  • Guards

Mortal Kombat 4

  • Jarek
  • Kai
  • Reiko
  • Tanya
  • Meat

Mortal Kombat: Special Forces

  • Tremor

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

  • Mavado
  • Kenshi Takahashi
  • Li Mei
  • Hsu Hao
  • Frost
  • Drahmin

Mortal Kombat: Deception

  • Kobra
  • Kira
  • Darrius
  • Hotaru
  • Havik
  • Onaga

Mortal Kombat 9

  • Cyber Sub-Zero
  • Skarlet


Full games

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