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HOLD ON! This article contains information about a W.I.P. character or a pre-release beta. More info will be posted as soon as it comes to light.

Artwork of Mordecai




Ivan Luiz's Version
Madoldcrow1105's version
Dchan250's MvC Mordecai Edit
MarioAction949's Version


Regular Show

Mordecai is a 23-year-old blue jay. He is one of the main protagonists of Regular Show, first appearing in a non-canon short as a human cashier, who then morphs into a prototype Mordecai character. He later makes his first official appearance in the pilot episode, where he was the first to say a line. His voice is provided by the show's creator, J.G. Quintel. Mordecai is the first character to speak in the cartoon (starting from the pilot episode).

Mordecai has been made for M.U.G.E.N six times, with two more currently in progress. He is also a striker of WlanmaniaX's Rigby edit.

Ivan Luiz's Mordecai Edit

Ivan Luiz Mordecai

Before FelixMario2011 announced the creation of his Mordecai, Ivan Luiz had already made one. This version of Mordecai is a spriteswap of Poisonberry, his sprites are poorly drawn, he is missing sprites and his attacks are overpowered. He said he would remake it, but it is unknown if this is true now since Madoldcrow1105's Mordecai was much better received by the community, and more commonly used.

Madoldcrow1105's Mordecai Edit

Mordecai standing

Madoldcrow1105's version of Mordecai was first shown in one of his W.I.P. videos, but was mentioned a while earlier in a YouTube comment. It is fairly combo heavy, with both its AI files (entitled "seriousAI" and "brutalAI") taking advantage of this to different extents, has 2000 more power than the average character, and (like the majority of Madoldcrow's other characters) has a "finisher" attack. It contains references from MAD as well, such as Mordecai's "Lantern Hammer" hyper, which is derived from the episode RioA. Also, Like Madoldcrow's other characters, Mordecai only works with MUGEN 1.0

Stats Edit

  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 5000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defence: 100


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Assist - Pops Maellard Button-B Button-F Button-B Button-LK

Mordecai assist Pops
Name Command Input Properties
Assist - Muscle Man Button-B Button-F Button-B Button-MK

Mordecai assist Muscle man spin
Name Command Input Properties
Assist - Benson Button-B Button-F Button-B Button-HK

Mordecai assist Benson attack mordecai
Name Command Input Properties
Zankou RDP Button-MP

Zankou mordecai
Name Command Input Properties
Tumble QCF Aironly2

Tumble mordecai
Name Command Input Properties
Tornado Grab Button-B Button-F Button-HP

Cyclone throw


Name Command Input Properties
Society Laser QCF Button-LP+Button-MP Requires 1000 power

Mordecai laser
Name Command Input Properties
Lantern Hammer DP QCF Button-LP+Button-LK Requires 1000 power

Mordecai lantern
Name Command Input Properties
The Power QCF Button-LK+Button-MK Requires 2000 power

Mordecai power
Name Command Input Properties
Skeet Shot Button-F RDP Button-LP Button-HP Requires 2000 power

Mordecai skeet shot
Name Command Input Properties
FINISHER QCF QCF Button-Start ¼ or less of maximum life left
Requires 5000 power

Mordecai finisher

Palette GalleryEdit

Dchan250's MvC Mordecai EditEdit

Mordecai Animation

A wikia user named Dchan250 released a new edit on May 1st with some different sounds and effects, (such as more MvC gameplay like MvC hyper backgrounds and sprite editing to give it more of a feel of an MvC type character.) Dchan250 made Mordecai's toon palette has his default one. On June 4, 2012, he finally updated his MvC Mordecai, including a new palette originally in Madoldcrow's old Mordecai.

MarioAction949's MordecaiEdit


This Mordecai is a spriteswap of SC1614's Angry German Kid. The sprites are taken from WlanmaniaX's Rigby edit.

JGearyAndJSlikk3's MordecaiEdit

Mordecai Stance

JGearyAndJSlikk3 was going to make a Mordecai using edited sprites from Ivan Luiz's version. He will use Kung Fu Man as a base and Rigby as a striker, but the author said it would take forever to make him, so he decided to take a break from it, leaving it in hiatus. The quality is most likely to be that of his other creations.

Kyle108's VersionEdit

Kyle108 is making a version for his Former Fight! screenpack.

Gallery  Edit


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