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Monkey D. Luffy
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Monkey D. Luffy in the anime.




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One Piece

  Monkey D. Luffy is the main character of the anime/manga series One Piece. Several iterations of Luffy exist for MUGEN, including a full-sized character (approximately the size of a Street Fighter character), but the most complete one that is known is the Luffy character from One Piece: Grand Line Bout. This character is not available to the public except through downloading the betas for the game, in an attempt to prevent character theft. Like many other characters in the game, this Luffy uses all six buttons in-game.

Luffy is one of the easier characters to use, given his range and simple commands for specials. He is considered to be somewhat slow by experienced players, but with future versions of the game (potentially including his "Gears," power-ups which give him tremendous strength and speed), this should be remedied. He is considered a very balanced character, with strong mobility and above-average range, along with relatively small size allowing him to dodge attacks with ease.

Character BackgroundEdit

Luffy was born and raised in Fusha Village, on the East Blue sea. He grew up not knowing who his father and mother were, and was put through hellish training by his grandfather, Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who wanted his grandchildren to become famous Marines like he was.

Garp left the island for official Marine business, and the pirate Red-Haired Shanks arrived some time later. Luffy was awestruck by Shanks' tales of adventure on the high seas and vowed to surpass his idol and find the legendary treasure, the One Piece. During Shanks' stay at the village, Luffy ate the "Gomu Gomu Fruit," which gave him a rubber body, but prevents him from swimming. Ten years later, Luffy set sail to become a famous pirate. 

Over his time as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, he gained several crew members (Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook) and also many enemies, among them Buggy the Clown, Smoker, Crocodile, Gecko Moria, and Rob Lucci.

Once Luffy heard news that his brother, Portgas D. Ace, had been captured by the Marines, Luffy risked life and limb to save him from the impenetrable prison of Impel Down. Luffy set sail for the Marine Headquarters upon discovering that Ace had been sent there for execution, despite the fact that it would place him in the middle of a war between the many pirates allied with Ace's captain, Whitebeard, and the World Government's forces, many of whom had beaten Luffy or proven to be difficult enemies before. Two years after the death of his brother, and with new abilities, Luffy reunites with his crew and sets sail again to seek the legendary treasure, the One Piece.


  • A: red shirt, blue shorts, yellow hat with a red band around it (Luffy's general outfit)
  • B: red shirt, red shorts, yellow hat with a red band around it
  • C: orange shirt, red shorts, yellow hat with a red band around it (Luffy's outfit during Thriller Bark)
  • X: red shirt, black shorts, yellow hat with a red band around it (Luffy's outfit during Enies Lobby)
  • Y: red shirt, black shorts, black hat with a red band around it
  • Z: green shirt, black shorts, black hat with a green band around it

Standing MovesEdit

  • A: Gomu Gomu no Pistol - Luffy stretches his arm straight forward and punches
    • A twice: Gomu Gomu no Shotgun - Luffy flails his outstretched arm up and down, creating a 'wave' effect
  • B: Gomu Gomu no Bazooka - Luffy draws both of this arms back before launching them forward
  • C: Gomu Gomu no Munch Munch - Luffy jumps forwards and tries to bite the opponent
  • X: Gomu Gomu no Rifle - Luffy twists his arm around as he draws it back, and shoots it forward to hit the opponent at a close range
  • Y: punch - a standard punch
    • Y twice: second punch - a standard punch
      • Y three times: Gomu Gomu no Gatling - Luffy punches multiple times at a rapid pace

Mid-Air MovesEdit

  • A: Gomu Gomu no Balloon - Luffy inflates his stomach, knocking enemies away from him. If this is done at the highest point of his jump, he moves upwards as high as if he could double-jump
  • B: Gomu Gomu no Whip - Luffy stretches out his leg, giving a sweeping kick to his opponent
  • C: Gomu Gomu no Rocket - Luffy launches diagonally, head-first at the opponent
  • X: Gomu Gomu no Spear - putting his feet together by the soles of his shoes, Luffy kicks
  • Gomu Gomu no Fireworks - Luffy spins around in mid-air, becoming a whirling ball of arms and legs
    • Gomu Gomu no Octopus Fireworks - Luffy punches and kicks in random direction while spinning, making it look like he has many arms and legs (hence the addition of Octopus to the name)

Crouching MovesEdit

  • A: Gomu Gomu no Balloon - Luffy inflates his stomach, knocking enemies away and stopping projectiles
  • B: Gomu Gomu no Stamp - Luffy stretches his leg out, kicking upwards
  • C: Gomu Gomu no Scythe - Luffy stretches out his arm, grabs onto the opponent, and pulls himself towards them in order to barrel into them
  • X: Gomu Gomu no Bell - Luffy grabs onto the opponent without stretching. If he succeeds, he stretches his neck backwards, and releases to deliver a powerful headbutt
  • Y: Gomu Gomu no Bullet - a punch with short range, but great power
    • Y twice: Gomu Gomu no Shoot - Luffy stretches his leg behind him and launches it forward to deliver a short-range kick, similar to Gomu Gomu no Bazooka except with one leg instead of two arms


  • down, forward, Z: Gomu Gomu no Axe [1000 Power] - Luffy punches, and if the punch connects, the opponent is stunned as he stretches his leg straight up into the air and brings it down on top of the enemy
  • down, down, Z: Gomu Gomu no Storm (vertical) [3000 Power] - Luffy kicks straight upwards, and if the kick connects, the opponent is launched into the air; Luffy jumps after them while spinning around and punches rapidly
  • Z (while in the air): Gomu Gomu no Fireworks: Golden Peony [1000 Power] - a large gold ball appears on Luffy's hand and he flails his arms wildly
  • back, forward, Z: Gomu Gomu no Golden Rifle [2000 Power] - a large gold ball appears on Luffy's hand and he launches his hand backwards. Twisting it up into a corkscrew, Luffy releases, sending the gold ball rocketing forward at his unfortunate opponent
  • down, back, Z: Afro Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Gatling [2500 Power] - Luffy dresses up in the outfit that he defeated Foxy in, complete with a ridiculous afro wig, and hits the opponent with Gomu Gomu no Gatling
  • back, down, Z: Water Luffy [500 Power] - Luffy drinks some water from the desert oasis of Yuba, and spits out a large ball of it at the opponent. Stuns Crocodile
  • hold down and press Z: Gomu Gomu no Storm (horizontal) [3000 Power] - inhaling to inflate himself and twisting up his own body, Luffy exhales, launching himself forward and causing him to spin. While spinning, he punches forward rapidly, similarily to the other version of Gomu Gomu no Storm except turned sideways
  • forward, down, Z: Gomu Gomu no Cannon [2000 Power] - Luffy punches rapidly until his fists turn red, then uses Gomu Gomu no Bazooka to send the opponent flying

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