Minion Pig
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Oldest version

Tanicfan22's first version (2013)

Newest version

Tanicfan22's second version (2013)


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The Minion Pigs are the main antagonists of the Angry Birds series, who serve their leader, the King Pig. They have the appearance of green, limbless pigs (yet they're able to hold objects), but they're depicted with limbs in the Angry Birds Movie.

The Minion Pigs are often seen stealing the birds' eggs, planning to cook and eat them. They built fortresses to prevent the birds from reaching the King Pig. They're generally very clumsy. In the Angry Birds games, the main objective is to kill all of the pigs in a level by firing birds at them with a slingshot. They are typically killed by directly hitting them with a bird or making their fortresses collapse. There are tougher versions of the pigs, like the Corporal Pig and the Foreman Pig. In some games, they serve a support role or are rivals of the birds rather than antagonists.

In M.U.G.E.N, Minion Pig has been made by Tanicfan22 twice: a small and a medium version.

Tanicfan22's first version


This character's sprites are poorly ripped from various Angry Birds games, with a few custom made ones thrown in the mix, and the animations are of poor quality. It has a grand total of 8 attacks and a lot of misplaced hitboxes.


Tanicfan22's second version


Tanicfan22's second take on Minion Pig isn't much better than his first one. Unlike the first version, the second version uses the infamous Super Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes template, as well as having an only slightly bigger moveset and an incredibily spammy A.I.

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